These are our friends Courtney and David Matranga of Day Photography & Co. We like hanging out with them. On Monday night we went to their place for a delightful dinner and some quality time, but before we went out to this abandoned field near their house in Lakeside and took turns photographing each other. Surprisingly, I think Courtney and I found it weirder to be back in front of the camera than our guys did. Chris and David seemed to jump right into the fun poses and nose nuzzles, while I felt a bit odd (and I think Courtney did, too) trying to be cutesy for the camera. It’s been awhile since we haven’t been the ones wielding the cameras, and it’s definitely funny to hear someone directing you with the same stuff you’re constantly telling people: “Brush your hair out of your eyes.” “Tilt your chin down a bit.” “Look up at him even though you can’t really see him.” Etc. 
Anyway, it was super fun. I was excited to download the snaps we got and start editing them a bit, and I’m also excited to see what they got of us. Fellow photographer friends are awesome!
Before our shoot, I took some time to dye a dozen eggs, thinking we could use them as props. We only kind of did, so it was a bit of a waste of eggs. But it was fun all the same.

Mmmmmmmm… not the same kind of egg, but even better.