Our cats have always been raised by humans. The people who fostered them before we got them said they were found at about ten days old with no mama cat in sight. They were bottle fed by the foster parents until they were big enough for food. They were also, apparently, half raised by the couple’s giant dog.

All this is to say, our cats are super social. They are not your ordinary cats, who like to go find their own quiet place to sleep the day away, and only want to come out for food when it’s convenient. Our cats want to be in whatever room we’re in. If we move rooms, they move rooms. If we have to keep them out of a room we’re in (like the office, because they get behind the desk and reek havoc), they wait outside the door for us. They come with us to the kitchen, the garage, and the bathroom. They sleep next to us, on us, or curled up in the crooks of our arms.

Tonight, while I worked on my research paper at the table, Sawyer decided to hop up for a nap. As he dozed, he occasionally reached out to touch my face. Then he fell asleep with his arm in the air. Somehow he still looked comfy.

Jack did the same thing a few weeks before, just without the arm straight up. These guys are so ridiculous.