We’ve added a member to our little family:
The Nikon D90.
This is the first meeting between the new siblings:

And yes, I’m aware I’m ridiculously weird, to stage a standoff between our old babies and our new baby. But you know what? Ryan’s actually the one that took that money shot. With his cool iphone. 🙂

I took the rest of these with Chris’ iphone:

 (That’s Ryan in the background.)

So far this thing’s been awesome. It’s got way more ISO settings than either of our other cameras. Full frame viewing, so you can get a better idea of how your picture turned out, before it gets to Photoshop. And the settings are pretty easy to figure out (unlike someone else’s Nikon I know).

To get an idea of the awesomeness, here’s a picture from earlier today, straight out of the camera:

(My cute sister, who came over this morning in the hopes I could help her with her statistics homework.) 
(I could not.)

Not a bad shot, eh? 
Here’s another, this one further away from our light source (Britt was sitting right in front of our dining room window). Again, not bad considering Chris is in the hallway, and definitely not bad for an indoor shot, which generally come out pretty poor straight out. 

We’re feeling more legit everyday about our photography business! Chris hasn’t given me the go-ahead to release our official name yet (he wants to create a logo and brand first), but it’s pretty awesome, and we are officially a business as of two weeks ago. We even have a PO box and everything! (And of course we took pictures of ourselves with our new PO box!)
Chris put up a blog about our latest photo shoot– go over there to check it out! We had a lot of fun with this one down in Coronado. Feisty little boys are difficult to photograph, but we managed to get him to hold still for a few. 🙂