Last year my classroom was really, really small. 
Like, really small. 
Thirty-four junior highers did not help.
Over the summer I got the most amazing news: the school was knocking out a bunch of unused offices to create a brand spanking new classroom… for Algebra! 
That’s me! Yes!
This is what my new room looked like back in July:

There was a lot that needed to be done.

Last week when we were in Catalina, I was getting picture updates from several people. The last wall got knocked out! The dry wall’s done! The carpet’s in! 

On Friday I went in for a 9am meeting and ended up staying till 2 moving stuff over from my old room. A couple of wonderful guys brought over the furniture for me, including NEW stuff. Ikea bookcases! A kidney desk! Tables for the kiddos instead of desks! I’m in heaven.

After training tomorrow, the plan is to put that room together officially. I got confirmation today that the boards are up, which is what I was waiting on to start decorating. For now, I’m off to sew up some more pennant banners for my room!