We skipped the attempt on Day 3. I think Chris was too afraid of a repeat of the night before to try to put Lincoln down in his crib, so he just let him fall asleep in his swing and stayed there for awhile until Chris brought him to his bassinet in our room.

But Day Four was awesome! Link went down after a couple attempts, slept through the night again, woke up for his morning snack around 5am (he went down late), then came to bed with us to finish out the morning. We had some conversation and smiles, then he fell asleep again and let us sleep in.

Day Five (last night) was the best. We’re starting to get our bedtime routine down now. I fed him, put him in a new diaper, got him in some fresh pjs, Chris swaddled him up good, and we topped him up with as much as he would take from the bottle. I put him in the swing, thinking we’d just let him fall asleep there over the next hour. He was out in two minutes, around 9pm. After ten minutes, I took him to his crib, expecting him to wake up pretty quickly. Didn’t hear from him again until 4am. And after he had his little snack, he fell right back asleep, slept through the re-swaddle, and settled back down again until around 8:30. Huge success for all of us.

He just went down again for Day Six. We gave him a bath tonight and I think that made him extra sleepy and cozy, because he didn’t even stay awake for his top-up from the bottle. Hoping that doesn’t mean he’ll be up again in two hours, hungry for more. Guess we’ll see. Tonight’s also different because he wasn’t completely asleep when I put him down. He started looking around again on the way from the swing to the crib, and had wide open eyes when I laid him down, but it’s been half an hour now and not a peep on the monitor.

I know this is super boring for anyone who’s not Chris or me. But I’m finding during these first few months of Lincoln’s life that I’m not writing things down nearly as much as I thought I’d be. If I don’t write it here, it’s not getting written.

So sometimes there will be three posts in a row about Lincoln’s sleep habits. Hopefully there will be more interesting posts as he continues to get more interesting each day. And of course there’s always cloth diapers to talk about!