Well, day two was a fail. I went to bed early, so Chris worked on putting the little monkey down tonight. He made three attempts, but Link woke up within ten minutes every time and started screaming. Chris finally put him in the bassinet around 1am. Link woke me up at 4 to nurse, and I realized he had a crazy stuffed up nose. I’m really hoping that was the reason he kept waking up all night.

In other news, I got to try out the NoseFrida for the first time. After watching some youtube videos, I fully expected to wind up with a screaming child a second after doing it. Instead, my little weirdo broke out in a huge grin. No idea how that could have been a nice experience, or if was just that stuffed up that the relief was immediate, but his face just lit up. Crazy little monkey.

Here’s to getting him (nose snot free) to sleep in the crib again tonight!

Chris, Lincoln, and Jack working hard as “bedtime” approaches.