Chris and I decided before Link was born that we would have him in our room, in a bassinet by our bed, for the first two months, and then transition him to his own room and crib. And of course we knew in the back of our minds that it might not be up to us–Lincoln might decide to do whatever he wanted. Whenever he wanted, and however he wanted.

Lucky for us, Lincoln has been a super easy baby (from the end of the first week on). He’s our first, so we’re really going off what we’ve seen of our friends babies, and what we hear from our friends who are currently in the newborn stage, too. From what we’ve seen/heard/read, Lincoln’s pretty easy to please. He’s been sleeping a good 6-8 hours each night for a couple weeks now. Before that, he had a great routine of going down around 5pm, waking up around 9 for Chris to give him a bottle (while I slept), waking again at midnight for feeding, and then sleeping through till around 5 or 6. After that he wouldn’t go back down in his bassinet, so I’d bring him to bed with us and he’d fall back asleep  quickly with his hands over his head.

He started skipping waking up for the 9pm feeding, then started pushing his “bedtime” back later and later, and then stopped waking up for the midnight one, too. And now he’s gotten into the habit of sleeping 9pm-5am-ish, and sleeping with us in our bed from around 6:30 (yes, he takes that long to eat and get back down most of the time) until whenever he decides he’s ready to get up for the day.

So we decided last night to try to bite the bullet a week early and see if we could get Link to sleep in his own in the crib. We had not, unfortunately, completely set up the baby monitor and Angel Care unit. It was a funny few moments of silently trying to get the video going (we’re using an app called Cloud Baby Monitor with an old iPhone of Chris’) and figuring out the settings on the Angel Care. But he slept through our blundering, and through the crazy squeaking door, and through all subsequent squeaks as we checked on him during the night. Little man slept his normal eight hours! After his early morning feeding, he was a little hyped from all that good sleep and came back to bed with us for some cuddles. He was the most talkative, smiley little thing! A good night’s sleep really makes his little personality come out.

The first night was a success… we’ll see if we can keep it going!