Details to come… This is the final product from a big review activity we’ve been doing the last couple of days.

UPDATE: So here’s how this activity works. You need LOTS of word problems. This review was on Systems of Equations, and I tried to find problems that students would need to write equations for in slope-intercept form and in standard form. There are 8 stations for the Who, Where, When, etc; each station holds a paper with four word problems and students choose one to solve. 

On the back of the paper, they find the answer they came up with and fill in the Mad Lib category with that response. 

They end up with some awesome stories, and usually by the end of class I’m bombarded with requests to run and show Mrs. Pro (vice principal) or Mr. Stinson (sixth grade teacher whom they all LOVE), who somehow end up being the main character in most of these things.