Today was ridiculously productive. Somehow having a good four hour chunk of time, along with four backed up episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on sidereal does wonders for productivity. I finished most of the most recent book interior I’ve been working on for awhile. With the completion of my research paper last night, that’s two of my big projects done. Woo-hoo! And my next big projects are photo editing families, which is just so much more fun than research papers and book design.

Since Chris worked late tonight, I even managed to get to some much needed chores. The kitchen is once again clean and the sink is clear. Our floor is vacuumed. I’ve got more clean clothes than I had at the start of the day. It’s good to clean.

Another big productive thing that happened today was that I finally figured out where all the hair ties I give Jack end up going. Jack loves hair ties. He will amuse himself for hours with a single one. But inevitably, he loses them, within 24 hours. It had gotten to the point where I had to go buy new packs at Target because I no longer had any for myself. So he had gone through three in the last day alone, so I began searching again, even though I’ve looked in every nook and cranny of our little condo already. They’re really aren’t many places these things could go. I was searching behind the TV stand, in all the cords from the TV, DVD player, Wii, etc., and I noticed, in the glass of the stand, the reflection of black and brown circles. Jackpot. It still took me a bit of time to figure out where the reflection was reflecting from, and after moving some of the consoles on the bottom shelf, I finally found them. They’d been sliding under the glass and getting stuck under the stand. So glad to finally have that mystery taken care of. And Jack was overjoyed to have ten hair ties all at once. Though he’s probably got them all stuck under there again.

Here’s the whole setup. Can you spot the hidden hair ties? 😉