What he is doing on Labor Day:
– Slept in
– Got morning kisses from the kittens (see photo)
– Ate dry cereal for breakfast, cuz we ran out (good) milk
– Editing Kayla and David Fish’s photo session
-Currently: Still in his pajamas, looking up Nikon products on Craigslist

What she is doing on Labor Day:
– Slept In
– Wii Fit check-in and exercise (-2.2 lbs, heck yeah, green smoothies and dance workouts!)
– Made waffles with organic Grade B maple syrup
– Read an awesome web page (things you can sanitize in the dishwasher), went around collecting various things to wash, and got into cleaning mode
– Reinforced good behavior in the kittens for using the scratching post
– Became inspired to deep clean the kitchen and paw print covered hard wood floors in our condo
– Regretted the mopping part almost immediately, but committed nonetheless (see photo)
– Locked the kittens in the bathroom so they wouldn’t get paw prints all over the newly washed, and paw print free, floor
– Currently: Hoping she can convince him to go down the street and get a pizza from Little Caesars for a late lunch