Two days before Christmas, I lay in bed one morning while Lincoln was taking his morning nap and the thought popped into my head that we HAD to take Link to see Santa. A quick search on my iPhone told me Santa was hanging out nearby at Parkway Plaza.

Chris thought taking him to see Santa at five weeks old was ridiculous and opted to stay home. So I bundled Link up in a cute winter outfit and we headed to the mall. In winter. Two days before Christmas.

This is something I never do. The malls are always crazy the month of December. I try to not even go down the street the mall is on during Christmastime–people are crazy.

So we went to the mall. The line for Santa wasn’t too crazy, but unfortunately we got there two minutes into Santa’s break so the line didn’t move for awhile. At this point, Lincoln decided it was a good time for a nap.

But Santa finally came back, and the line moved surprisingly fast. I think we were at the front in about 30 minutes. Lincoln woke up about ten minutes before we got to Santa, and he was even doing some of his little attempted smiles. And he was obviously excited for his first Santa meet and greet:

Chris thought for sure he’d be screaming when it came time to sit on Santa’s lap, but let’s face it, at this age Lincoln really doesn’t care who’s holding him. He definitely did a double take when I plunked him down, though.

I’m pretty sure his favorite part of the whole experience was getting his special Santa plate at the end. He’s been practicing that grasp on my hair lately, and was definitely excited to use those pinchers on his first Christmas present.

First visit to Santa was definitely a success. Next year? Probably not so much. He’ll be just over a year old, right when you get the really awesome screaming and freaking out pictures with Santa. Good times to look forward to!