So, Lincoln actually turned 7 months a few days ago. But as our May was crazy, and the beginning of June was all about the final push to the end of the school year… I just did his 6 month page a couple days ago.

And, wow! So much has changed from those 6 month stats! At 6 months, Lincoln was trying desperately to crawl, he’d just started eating solids, and bedtime was becoming a bit frustrating for us. Not to give away too many spoilers for his 7 month page, but he crawls all over the house now (and has totally set his eyes on walking next), he eats everything, and puts himself to sleep pretty easily now, for a full 12-hour night. What will 8 months bring?!

Baby Book image with text overlay, 6 month baby

At six months, Lincoln…
– weighs about 13.5 pounds
– loves avocados and prunes, and also eats sweet potatoes, squash, and peas
– hardly ever spits up anymore
– puts his own pacifier back in his mouth
– takes longer naps during the day (finally!)
– is really hard to change because he flips to his stomach and tries to squirm away, every time.
– doesn’t like when we leave him alone to play
– army crawls everywhere
– can sit up when we prop his arms in front of him
And here’s the final page for his baby book!
Baby book digital scrapbook 6 months old