Oh, my tiny little monkey. I just love him so much. He wants to crawl so badly, and he is interested in everything all the time. I never thought babies could be so alert and inquisitive until this kid came around. 🙂

Digital scrapbook page using Project Life Midnight kit

Baby Book image with text overlay, 5 month baby

At 5 months, Lincoln…

  • weighs somewhere over 13.5 pounds

  • likes to touch and grab faces

  • flips to his stomach all the time, even when getting his diaper changed

  • smooches by putting his booty in the air and sliding his face forward

  • practices taking out his pacifier and putting it back in

  • has had a couple tastes of food (bell pepper, green beans, and avocado)

  • went to Sea World for the first time

  • LOVES catching glimpses of his cats