Oh, this stinking cutie. I can’t handle him sometimes.

I feel like he has an old soul. Maybe it’s the hair, but he really seems so much older sometimes. Not the times he’s screaming his head off because he thinks I’ve cut him off of the milk supply (though even his sad pout face is freaking adorable). It’s when he stares at me suddenly like he’s trying to figure me out. Usually this is after he’s eaten and he looks straight into my eyes with this amused and quizzical expression.

Baby Book image with text overlay, 4 month baby

Digital scrapbook page using Project Life Midnight kit

At 4 months, Lincoln…

-weighs 13 pounds
-flips over onto his tummy any chance he gets
-is super into his own feet
-has moved up to six month clothes
-tries to turn the pages in his books
– grabs everything… his toys, others’ fingers, others‘ faces, cloth wipes, his feet, blankets, mama’s hair…
-loves toys that light up
-ends up all over the bed when he sleeps
-can hold his own bottle with a teeny bit of help from mama