So I pretty much couldn’t sleep all last night due to lack of breathing from being sick. Yeah. My big plans for the Saturday following my last week of two crazy classes were changed from sleeping in as late as I possibly can to finally giving up around 6am to take a very hot, very long shower and take my pillow and blanket to the couch so I don’t infect my sleeping in husband, who is able to breathe just fine.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I:

a) Check up on our accounting and update our ledgers, start relinking all our bill payments to our new joint checking account, etc.
b) Figure out why my doctor when I was on Blue Cross thinks it’s okay to charge me for an office visit from April of last year, because Blue Cross told them I terminated my coverage… in May. I don’t see the reasoning here, either.
c) Start writing up about our wedding and honeymoon (I know, finally, right?)
d) Watch season six of the Office, the latter half of which I’ve never seen (because let’s face it, the Office started taking a dive in season five, and became unworthy of a weekly spot on TV Thursday).

Hmmmmm… I need option e): Convince my husband to go get me some soup and orange juice. And some cold soda for my sore throat. So I can breathe again.