Okay, seriously. Who believes it’s already halfway through June? That’s just ridiculous.
I’m knees deep in homework muck this week. The Trementozzi Family Reunion: Vegas Edition takes place next week, which happens to be my final week of Health Ed. So in order to have fun next week, all the fun is getting sucked out of this week so I can pour over education law codes (worst. assignment. ever.), write a research paper, answer silly discussion questions, etc. 
A couple of cool updates:
We’ve got quite a few photo shoots booked, ranging from newborns to maternity to weddings to families. We even just got our first completely non-referred wedding booked. Many of our bookings have come from our amazing friends and family who’ve passed the word on to more of their friends and family, and so on. Some of the connections are pretty cool. We’ve had old friends we don’t even really know anymore pass on our info. Things are looking real good for Next to Me Studios.
Chris, as always, is super excited about our endeavors. Tonight he came home with brand new poster paper for our goals and projects pin-up. The old one was running out of space, apparently. Isn’t he the cutest? He was so into hanging this thing, I was able to steal his iphone right out of this left pocket to get a shot. (For real. He had no idea I had it until I mentioned he was up for words with friends with Ryan.)
The new pin-up is very organized, with color coded Post-its. 

I love that insanely organized guy. 🙂

(End Note: I wanted to end with a photo of Chris actually looking at me and the camera, but alas, the Great Organized One is too busy tonight for a photo. Punk.)

(Note to Chris: That’s what you get for not smiling for my picture!)