January is every bit as crazy as I’d anticipated! Taking a quick homework break to write something on the blog- I hate the feeling of not recording the happenings for more than a week at a time. I feel my ninety year old self will be sad as she reviews this blog of the past (in whatever format blogs happen to be in by then) and has to guess what was going on during these missing chunks.

Around here it’s been nonstop homework and unpacking. For me anyway, for Chris its nonstop unpacking and fixing everything that keeps breaking. He’s a trooper, let me tell you. I’m so very happy I married a guy who knows how to fix things. Takes a lot of the pressure off me!

Know what I also like about that guy? His blogs. (Especially the new one.) They’re few and far between, but I love reading them. Even though we live with each other, see each other every waking and sleeping hour (except for work, of course), and I think we know each other’s thoughts and feelings pretty well, it’s always nice to read his thoughts. There’s something about the written expression of someone’s thoughts that’s always exciting. And I like when he talks about what we’ve got planned for the year; I like knowing we’re walking this life road together, with the same goals. It’s much easier accomplishing goals with two people pressing on.

What are some of our goals? Among other things: finishing my credential and getting “a real job,” buying a new car, getting an iphone (February 10, woot!), starting our photography business, getting professional equipment, writing books, making beautiful creations, and designing a fabulous life.

Oh, and making cute babies.

(But not in 2011. Everything else has to happen first.)