With my new tutoring students, I had to change my schedule up a bit. Now I get out of work pretty early on Fridays, with no tutoring in the afternoons, which is great. I came home, got out the laptop, loaded up my current session (the Moses’/Bishop’s) and turned on season five of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. 
( I love having HIMYM on Netflix. No changing of disks whatsoever. I could watch six seasons straight through if I wanted.)
Jack was feeling mighty cuddly, and I let him curl up into my arm since he just wanted to nap there. (We usually don’t let them on the table.) 
Apparently Sawyer, who is not normally very cuddly, was jealous of this snuggle session, because this was the scene two hours later:

I was mentioning to Chris last night how much easier Picture of the Day is with two cats. No more trying to made mundane activities or inanimate objects interesting. There’s always something interesting going on with two pre-teen cats.