Last time I did a year of Picture of the Day, I often ended up at 11:30pm frantically looking around for something interesting to take a picture of, kicking myself for not getting a shot of something while it was still daylight and my photo could actually look good. Then there were other days when I had multiple photos for the day, and had to narrow it down to the picture of the day. Much hemming and hawing ensued over which picture I would use. 
This year I decided, screw it, I can have as many pictures as I want for each day. The whole point is telling stories anyway, right? And since I am T minus 24 days away from getting my iphone, which will surely result in a much higher picture per day ratio, I figured why stress myself out with what would inevitably be a daily decision that I just don’t want to have to deal with for the next 365 days?
So here’s day two- all three pictures from January 2nd.
First up: Chris and I took down Christmas yesterday. For us, it’s a fairly quick task of taking our 8 ornaments off the tree, un-fluffing the tree, and shoving it back into the box. These are our Christmas 2011 ornaments (the first year we started collecting/creating for our tree) packed in the box and ready to go to the attic for the next year.
 Reason #448 I love my husband. He knows I love taking pictures of silly, normal things going on around the house. So when I was sitting in a lawn chair out on our porch, reading in the glorious, practically summer sunshine, and heard the tell-tale click-click from down the hall, I was a happy wife. He was shooting from the other end of the house with the 85mm, in case anyone was wondering. And let’s again reiterate that it is January 2nd, and it was a gorgeous practically summer day. Perfect for reading on the porch.
Had to get one of Chris. Ignore the giant splotch of window light that’s smacking him in the forehead. This is what he was up to while I sat outside in the sun: manual labor in the kitchen. Silly boy. We have very different ideas of what should be done on the last day of Christmas vacation.