Not much going on today. Back to school/work. Back to tutoring. Wednesdays are now loooooooong days. Charter school in the morning/early afternoon, immediately followed by language arts tutoring with a seventh grader, immediately followed by math tutoring with an eighth grader (in Imperial Beach). Trying to get home from I.B. at 6:30pm is not so much fun, but luckily I’ve got my ipod loaded with the audio versions of all the Harry Potter books. I love me some multi-tasking, and I definitely don’t have time to be lounging around reading once I get home.

I like this picture of Sawyer. He looks more like the kitten we brought home six months ago, and less like the teenage cat he’s slowly growing into. This look here is one of limiting patience while he waited for me to get him unstuck from the little space he’d crawled into¬†behind the TV. Poor thing couldn’t figure out how to back up, and Chris’ guitar rack was keeping him from just jumping to the ground. When I held out my arms to reach over the rack for him, he literally jumped into them. Love that our cats know when we’re trying to help them and go along with it.