There were a few things on our lists this year we’d really been hoping to get but didn’t. So a couple weeks after Christmas, Chris and I both put in orders for the things we simply could not live without. 
For Chris, it was more camera gear. A freaking ridiculously sturdy tripod, a new camera bag to take on minor trips, and… something else that I forget now. But it was important to him.

For me, it was my iphone accessories! I still have 15 days (and counting) until I actually can buy my phone, but I wanted to be prepared for that blessed day two Fridays from now. I got my Speck fabric case (it’s summery!) and an armband case for when I go running. It will be awesome to run without clutching my ipod in one hand and my phone in the other.

Like how Sawyer camera bombed my photo here?