It rained a lot today. When that happens, the cats sit up on the windowsill and go on rain watch for us. Then they get cabin fever (not that they’re ever outside when it’s sunny out either), rum amock, get into cabinets, and generally freak out a bit. I had to lock them up in separate rooms for awhile so I could get some cooking and baking done without Jack jumping on top of the fridge for an aerial view and Sawyer scaling my legs for a view at all.

But since I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table, downloading more fun apps for my splendid new iphone and editing some of Jen’s maternity shots, they’ve been snuggled up on the chairs next to me, dead asleep.

Well, they were until a couple minutes ago, when I absentmindedly scratched Jack behind the ears and he took it as an invitation to climb up onto my lap.

Then he moved to a half on the table, chin on my mouse hand position, and that’s about where we are now.