Here we go, January! Rather than make sweeping declarations for the entire year that I know I’ll fall short on, we’re going to take it one month at a time this year. I like being able to adapt as needed. 😉

One Little Word 2013: Overcome. 

Last year my word was real, and while I promised to expound on it I never did. I don’t really remember my exact reasons for it anymore (that’s why you should always expound on things…), but I do feel I was real this year. I was myself. My crazy, kooky, weirdo, musical loving, nostalgic, picture taking, scrapbook nutso self.

This year, overcome has a variety of meanings for me.

I want to overcome my feelings of anxiety toward creating wonderful lesson plans and reaching every student perfectly. I’m finding life isn’t perfect. Some kids don’t want to be taught and some kids do need to be reached in different ways. But I can decide what to do in each situation without stressing out about it beforehand.

I want to overcome my caffeine addiction, specifically in the form of soda.

I want to overcome my intense desire to come home from school and immediately fall into a good nap, thus wasting away the precious hours of my evening.

I want to overcome my selfishness in doing what I want to do and do the things that Chris needs/wants me to do as soon as possible. He puts in a lot of work for our business while I’m napping after work!

I want to overcome sensitivity. I’ve been told a gazillion times this year that teachers need to grow thick skins. I have translucent skin. Small words bother me a lot. I agonize over harsh conversations. I need to learn to see every confrontation as a challenge to either be better or give grace to myself.

I want to overcome my hatred of running. I’m not good at it. I’ve never been good at it. It baffles me that people can run more than a couple minutes without stopping, let alone run 26 point something miles in a marathon. But right now it is free exercise, and I need me some exercise.

I want to overcome anxiety in general. I’ve lived much of my life with an anxiety disorder and I hate that it has severely affected some aspects of life, and in some cases entire years. I’m glad that these disorders have become less taboo over the years and that I’ve discovered others that are close to me who share the same struggles, but I am so over it.

2013 will be a year of growing and stretching. This year I’ll finish my first full year of teaching and start my second. This year will be the year that our photography business becomes bigger and we have to somehow find even more time to devote to it while maintaining our other full times jobs. This year, instead of chipping at my college debt, we’ll smash off chunks every month and hopefully be done with it once and for all. This year Chris will turn 30 and I’ll turn very close to 30. This year we will take on challenges and walk by faith, and hopefully we’ll come out in December thinking, “wow, that was an intense ride, but we did it!”

Hello, 2013.