My beloved husband tells me I am addicted to the internet. This is because for the past four days we’ve been in Hawaii, it has not been readily available, and one might say it’s made me a bit moody.

What’s moody about insisting to check my email on his Blackberry the second we sit down for any meal?

What’s moody about being perturbed the Blackberry is being used for GPS purposes on long car rides, and not for me to update my Facebook status?

What’s moody about just wanting THE WORLD to know what I’m doing and how I’m doing it and when and where and why?

It was quite a culture shock coming from our first night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, where we had free wireless in the room, to the beautiful little Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu where they charge you $16 a night to be hooked up to a foot long cable in the corner.

Seriously, Hilton Hawaiian Village? I know what you charge. You’re really telling me wireless is too much to ask for?

Today we flew from Oahu to the Big Island (actual Hawaii), and checked in to our awesome little timeshare resort. After crazy hopping downtown Honolulu, this little beach town of Kona is so cute and quaint… and has free wireless in all the main lobbies.

Thank you, Jesus, for internet.

And while Chris and I should be sitting down here in the outdoor lobby looking up adventurous things to do in Hawaii, he’s actually commenting on Studio Castillero’s Jordan & Chris Glimpse shots and I’m checking in on all of my usual haunts: yahoo, facebook, google reader…. Probably won’t get anything done tonight, but that’s okay. We’re on vacation, and we did just fly in after all. I won’t even talk about how spectacularly amazingly fantastic our trip is, except for the amazing steamed zucchini I had at lunch earlier.

It was so good, it made me sad for Chris. He doesn’t like zucchini. What a tragic world he lives in.