Lincoln has been an awesome sleeper in his little seven weeks of life. Seriously, we got a great baby when it comes to the sleeping thing. (I really hope I’m not jinxing myself here.)

Generally Lincoln sleeps through the night (10pm-ish to 4am-ish) every night, then goes back down again until anywhere between 7 and 9. He was rocking this around 3/4 weeks old.  Sometimes after that early morning feeding he doesn’t go back in his bed easily, but we’ve found that letting him stay in bed with us for those last few hours is really calming for him. I’ll shove my pillow way up and the blankets way down and make a big empty space for him. He throws his arms up over his head and sleeps great like that.

The caveat to the good night-sleep is that his day time sleep isn’t as great. So it’s definitely been harder to get anything done. Link likes to be entertained when he’s awake, and unfortunately sitting in his swing is not entertaining enough for him anymore.

Today, though, his sleep was amazing! Well, it was a bit rough at the start– Lincoln woke up, and stayed up, a little bit too early for me. Chris ended up taking him for awhile so I could catch up on the missed sleep. Man, I love that guy.

Chris got Link back to sleep around 10:30, and then the kid slept until around 3! We got so much done while he was conked out on the bed. I think he sleeps better in our bed because it smells like us… we’ll have to remember that later on for daytime naps.

Once he woke up and was fed, we brought him into the nursery with us, where Chris was putting up the pictures on the wall (yes, we still hadn’t done that) and I was stuffing the pocket diapers.

He did fine just watching us from the floor for awhile, then when he started getting fussy we put him on his stomach for some tummy time. Usually he stretches out his neck and stares around, but this time he laid his head right down on the carpet and went right to sleep! We’re thinking he takes after us and will be a stomach sleeper. Too bad we can’t put him to sleep on his stomach for a long while– he was out so easily!

We’d been planning to go the drive-in to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Chris decided tonight was the night. We stopped for Little Caesar’s pizza and dollar drinks from McD’s, then got a primo front row spot at the drive-in. Again, Link did great! He actually appeared to watch the movie with us for the first half, then fell asleep after eating toward the end of the movie.

I was worried all the sleep during the day meant he wouldn’t fall asleep easily at night. We made sure he got plenty of extra milk, got him all cozy in his pjs and swaddlers, and I walked him up and down the hall while playing one of his lullaby/worship CD’s on my phone. The kid was out in five minutes.

Now, please God, let him stay asleep for the rest of the night!