I know what you’re thinking. Jordan, you’re thinking. What’s going on over there? You’ve got beautiful new kittens, and you haven’t said a word about them, other than post an unflattering picture of their first trip home. Jordan, you’re thinking. Why aren’t you putting up any new pictures? Aren’t you starting your photography business right now? Where’s the photographic evidence? 
And, Jordan. Come on. Where are the pictures of your hot husband? Do you think I come to your blog to read that you know you’re a terrible blogger, and maybe see a line or two here and there about the major bummers of student teaching, and every once in a while a photo of your dinner? 
(Yeah. I know some of you are only here for that hottie. S’okay. He is nice to look at.)
Well. You’re in luck because this is my summer vacation (week). So I have a-plenty of time to sit in my unbearably hot house, or possibly run over to Starbucks to suck up their glorious air conditioning, and post photos, update, and tell you all about the newest additions to our house.
In the meantime, here’s a picture of my dinner dessert!

(In honor of the 4th, we have strawberries, hulled and filled with vodka soaked whipped cream, with a patriotic blueberry on top. Courtesy of somewhere on Pinterest!)