Sooooo… I haven’t really announced this on the blog yet, but I suppose I should get around to it before school actually starts. I got a job teaching 8th grade math at a local charter school, hurray! It has been an exciting, nerve-wracking, sad, learning-filled, freak out of a few weeks. I had my last few weeks at the Woodman classroom. I had to say good-bye to amazing co-workers who I’ve grown to love so much. I carried a heavy heart knowing that the job I wanted so badly, and had worked so hard for, was not meant to be, and that maybe, just maybe, I was fighting too hard for it. I spent a week with brand new co-workers. I’ve read packets and handouts and PDFs and about procedures and curriculum and expectations. My head is full. I finally let my classroom today around 6:30, knowing I was missing some things for the first day, but realizing that I needed to get out of there and just review my notes and lists someplace else if I wanted to keep going. Chris is asleep now (we have a really early morning shoot), and I’m still going full speed. Making new lists of things forgotten, entering in all my modules, sorting my 130 8th graders into teams, reading the student handbook so I know what the rules are. 
Life’s a bit crazy right now. I keep thinking once school starts and we get into a routine, things will get much saner, but then I remember that I’ll be dealing with even more stuff: lesson planning and tutoring in my spare time and keeping track of grades and all that teacher stuff. A list of 130 kids makes me wish I’d gotten my credential to teach the little kids- you get maybe 30 there, and that’s it. 30 kids to focus on sounds so much more manageable than 130. Big sigh. 
Here’s some fun pictures I’ve taken throughout this process. Can you tell I like things to be pretty? 🙂
Things I’ve learned about bulletin boards:
1. Draw sketches first.
2. Measure the board before you go to Joann’s (on two different occasions) and purchase material just a little too short. 
3. Borders are invincible. You just tug a little and the staples go flying and the border is still in pristine condition.
4. Most borders suck. Go for solid colors. 
5. Fabric is much easier to cover boards with than I would have thought. Burlap was a great suggestion I found online, and it looks awesome. It also makes a giant dusty mess all over the floor, desk, and laptop case. 
All righty, I’m going to try to lesson plan myself to sleep now. Fingers crossed!