Well, it happened again. Chris went and got me something that I totally don’t deserve.

This time it was a new car.

I’ve never had a new car.


In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car that cost me (or my dad) more than $2000. That’s how I roll(ed).

So when we went down to Mile of Cars to test drive the Hyundai Accent, and when Chris turned his poker face on, and when we battled back and forth over pricing and tinting and financing and interest rates, and when Chris, cool as a cucumber, leaned back in his chair and said, “Okay, I’ll sign right now,” I was NERVOUS.

And when I got in my brand spanking new car with only 8 miles on it, I seriously felt like throwing up. Because this was a brand new car. How does one just drive around in a brand new car?

Somewhere on the long ride home, I began to feel the teensiest bit more comfortable behind the wheel. Comfortable enough that when Chris and Ryan left for a concert tonight, I hopped back in and drove down to McD’s, just so I could go through a drive thru again (my windows stopped rolling down sometime around last Christmas). And then, upon realizing I’d left my house keys in my house when I’d dashed down the stairs with only my brand new car keys, I had to get real comfortable in that car, driving back down to Bonita to collect a spare key from Kayla and David. (Thank goodness David never returned our key!) 

So I’m home safe and sound now. Chris just got home from his concert, too. I tried to tempt him with a late night drive, but he’s too tired from his concerting. But he did just find the ice cream I stopped to get on my way to the drive thru this evening. So I believe we’ll be eating ice cream in bed momentarily.

Life is good.

Saying good-bye to the white demon, before he Hyundai guy took it away.
Hello, new guy on the block.