So we’re in our new house, finally! It’s pretty awesome… except for the parts that aren’t. Like leaks from every possible spout. And the painted over cable cords. And the fridge that won’t work. And the electric problems that need to be fixed. Oh, and the washer that started leaking last night… after the plumber came out to fix the pipes behind it.

It sounds like we’re really suffering, but really it’s been great. We’re taking the bad with the good. Chris has been amazing with the fix-its around the house; I seriously have a rocking roommate. We’re starting to get the majority of boxes under control. Really, the only things left are things we don’t have a place for yet, like the TV and players and cords that go with it, or our boxes of old school memories (me: journals, chris: basketball cards). Our dining room table is up, and we had our first official meal of canned chili at it on Saturday night. We can almost sit on the couch, once we move out some empty boxes. And with Chris finding my box of work clothes last night, I think we finally have all our clothes and shoes accounted for and hung in the closet.

I’m eager to set up my craft stuff, but worried about the amount of room in our office. I need to figure out a way to really utilize the closet space, and I’m thinking a long, short bookcase, like the ones you see at Target that you buy the canvas drawers for. Hmmmm… I think I need to pop over to Craigslist…

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