Today’s picture of the day is brought to you by the produce section of the Rancho San Diego Ralphs. As nothing of great interest happened to me today (and I really don’t want to post another picture of my cats… I feel I’m still teetering on the verge of crazy cat lady), I decided to photograph the most interesting thing I purchased today.

What is it, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. It didn’t have a label, but I found it nestled with mustard greens and collard greens. I thought it might be a purple version of one of those, but the leaves don’t really match. It looks more like kale leaves, actually, but the regular kale was nowhere to be found around it. It doesn’t really matter anyway though, as I’m just going to use the bunch for a green smoothie tomorrow. I might use some leftover leaves to try making baked kale chips for the first time, too (if it really is kale), but I got a small bunch so I don’t think much will be leftover after the smoothie. Mmmmmm, smoothies….