There is not an ounce of pink or red in this photo, but for some reason it makes me think of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s that shade of blue mixed with cream in the sky, and the richer blue tones that show up in the shadow of the trees. Whatever it is, it makes me happy inside today.
When I got home today, it was just in time to see the late afternoon light start pouring in the west end of our house. We have this tall double window over the stairs and it lets in gorgeous oranges and yellows that my camera can’t even capture. I tried, but it ended up looking more pink. The kittens seem to like lounging in the warm light from that window; this is where they usually are waiting when I get home.

Things I’m excited for in February:
1. Finishing one of my tutoring commitments and getting to come home semi-early on Mondays and Wednesdays (and not be working until 7pm in Imperial Beach).
2. Starting my Master’s classes. Not looking forward to the homework, but definitely loving the idea of being immersed in technology ideas to better my classroom.
3. Seeing what Cody’s designed for our new brand and website. (Very, very much.)
4. Meeting the newest Aubrey baby, who should be arriving any day from here to Valentine’s!
It may be the shortest month, but it looks like we’ll be packing a lot in!