Yikes, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? The entire month of September has flown by, along with the first half of quarter one, and most of my third trimester! Baby T arrives anywhere from 4-6 weeks from now, or as I like to say it (to put it in real perspective): “about half a summer.” And if you are a teacher, you know half a summer is pretty much¬†nothing.

This baby could pretty much come tomorrow. That’s what half a summer feels like in teacher land.

Some awesome things that have happened lately:

Our baby shower! Oh man, if I’d planned it myself it wouldn’t have been more perfectly my style and vision for what a fabulous baby shower should look like. Chris’ mom and sister (and many others I later learned) did an insane amount of work to make the perfect baby shower for Baby T. Gah, I’m still not over it, and it was a full week ago.

Our baby room! What a fiasco that’s been. We had planned to have it all set up before summer ended and I returned to work, but that did not at all happen. I’m happy to report though, that as of Thursday evening, everything is ready to go and we can officially start putting away little baby clothes and diapers and toys. And decorating season has officially begun.

And school. We just finished up our sixth week of school somehow. This year I have a much different role to play than my usual 8th grade math teacher gig. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the gist is that I’m in charge of a new study hall class, with a focus on really making sure the kiddos are growing academically. Lots and lots of management, both during class time with everyone working on different assignments and projects at once, and behind the scenes with monitoring growth. But it’s going to work out great when I go on maternity leave, because there is very little day-to-day lesson planning to worry about. And I’m with 7th grade this year, which is a bit weird. I’m so used to calling them 13-year-olds, I was a bit shocked when one of my kids informed me the other day that he was, in fact, just 11.

More to come (hopefully) in the next few weeks before Baby T makes his official debut!