Today was a good day.

I LOVE my 8th graders this year. They are too funny.

They’re also all super dorky. But I’m dorky, too, and I think that’s why I love them so much. They just are so innocent and have no shame.

For instance, one of my boys today told me about how he was googling me the other day. Now, I know my kids do this (one reason I don’t have my last name anywhere on this site, or I’d be hearing it on Monday about how I called them dorky), but usually they don’t tell me they’ve done it. This kid was super excited because he found all Chris’ and my wedding pictures online. What thirteen-year-old boy is super stoked to tell his teacher that he found all her weddings pictures online? One of my silly, innocent thirteen-year-olds, that’s who.

Now I do know they’ve found my Instagram. I don’t exactly hide it. All they have to do is find our photography website and they can access it from there. Last year I knew kids kept tabs on my account, but no one ever said anything, except an occasional slip of asking about something I’d done over the weekend before realizing they’d seen it on my Instagram, and not heard about it from me, which always tipped me off to who was following me. This year the following is not lurking in the shadows. I get likes from several students, and one likes everything I do within about ten seconds of posting about it. I’m not sure how he does that…