These are the only photos I took today.

My theme for dinners this week was No going to the store. Not for anything. Meaning even if I found a cool recipe I wanted to try out, I had to use what was on hand as a substitute or wait. I’ve gotten into the bad habit of running to the store for that one spice, or sauce, or broth, and then when I’m at the store I end up stocking up on pantry items. Had to get through some of that stuff finally. So tonight’s dinner was spicy thai shrimp stir fry with a side of barley. I successfully used up the rest of our barley, a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, and a bag of sliced peppers. Our fridge, freezer, and pantry are getting lighter!

After dinner I had the sudden urge to go running. Hate when that happens. Also, I love it, because otherwise I would have gone right to sitting at my computer desk, and that burns negative 200 calories thanks to the snacks I bring with me. Speaking of running, I tried on Nike Frees this weekend when we were shopping at Plaza Bonita, and apparently the shoes I’ve had for years are absolutely ridiculous. Who knew? (My husband will say he knew, and that he’s been trying to buy me nice shoes for years. I think I might let him this time.)