At precisely 7:06pm, I received this message in my email:

You’ve just been ousted as the mayor of Chris’ Love Shack!”

No. Oh no, he did not.

I opened the email:

Sorry for the bad news, but Chris has just ousted you as mayor of Chris’ Love Shack!

Then I turned to glare at my husband. “You punk,” I said.

He peered around me to see the email. And then started laughing. Very, very hard. He was extremely pleased with himself, let me tell  you.

Somehow, he had gotten me to forget all about foursquare, and checking in when at the condo, which I had added to foursquare and dubbed Chris’ Love Shack last week when Chris and Ryan tried to peer pressure me into being cool. (Foursquare is cool? I had no idea… would never have guessed.) I decided if I was going to be part of this nonsense, I was going to be mayor of something. Darn it.

Said namesake of the love shack pretended to not be interested in the slightest about this new location. The sneak let me think it was mine, and my guards went down. And he usurped my throne.

Oh, husband. You have opened yourself to a world of hurt.

I will be mayor again. Mark my words.

If you have no idea what Foursquare is, as I didn’t until about three weeks ago, a quick google search will tell you all you need.