Lincoln at 5 Months

Oh, my tiny little monkey. I just love him so much. He wants to crawl so badly, and he is interested in everything all the time. I never thought babies could be so alert and inquisitive until this kid came around. 🙂 At 5 months, Lincoln… weighs somewhere over 13.5 pounds likes to touch and grab faces flips to his […]

Lincoln at 4 Months

 Oh, this stinking cutie. I can’t handle him sometimes. I feel like he has an old soul. Maybe it’s the hair, but he really seems so much older sometimes. Not the times he’s screaming his head off because he thinks I’ve cut him off of the milk supply (though even his sad pout face is freaking adorable). It’s when he […]

Lincoln at 1 Month

  Finally got around to making a Project Life page for Lincoln’s one month photos. We’ve been super busy prepping for the Swoon wedding show, but now that it’s over I can spend some time cranking out some photos from the last couple of months. And, since Lincoln’s still rocking his sleep schedule, I’ve been able to grab a couple […]