No, seriously. Somehow I’ve found myself with a “free” night.

On a Wednesday.

That’s in the middle of the week, if you’re counting.

So technically, I would’t call it a free night. I should use it to get ahead on next week’s plans, especially since next Thursday is my evaluation day by our principal. Which means I need an excellent, too-cool-for-school 8th grade-engaging, rocking lesson plan on completing the square. Because nothing says school’s fun like completing the square.


Here’s some stuff that’s been going on, per my photo stream.

I got to scrapbook over spring break! Just one little page, but I also got to start Project Life (a few months late).

We had house guests for about half an hour. I found these cuties wandering down Greenfield Drive on the Friday of spring break, and I couldn’t leave them out on the street to get hit by a car! Animal control came to get them after they’d made themselves at home on our porch.

Jack did not like the houseguests. Sawyer wouldn’t even come out to look at them.

 Guy’s poker night/girl’s craft night at the Holz’s.

 Chris getting down and dirt at Becky and Kris Cowen’s maternity shoot. We did the shoot in the same spot that we did our engagement pictures in three years ago, so that was cool.

Don’t know why this picture is sideways. I turned it right side up in Photo Booth….

This one either. But this is me trying to get a pic of us both before it got too dark in the house. I don’t like grainy pictures. Chris doesn’t like being interrupted form his Batman game.

We’ve been really into spicy lemongrass pho lately. Luckily there’s a place right down the street.

The days are longer again, thanks to spring. I love seeing light pour in the house at 6:30pm.

This is mine and Sawyer’s nap spot.

Crazy kiddos at their maternity shoot.

Believe it or not, we had another houseguest within a week of the last two. This cutie was running around our condo complex. Chris and two other neighbors spent 45 minutes chasing down her brother who was not nearly as friendly.

Ha. They were only traumatized for the first ten minutes. When I checked on them again, they were at the screen getting friendly. They could totally handle it if we got a small dog.

Love him. On Matt, Donna, and James’ family shoot/1 year shoot for James. That kid was serious.

Mornings. See Chris’ hair in the background?

Trying to grow stuff on our porch this year and being much more successful than last spring. Although my basil and arugula kicked the bucket already, I’ve managed to grow tons of cilantro, and this spinach is starting to grow.

We saw West Side Story with the family in L.A. this weekend. It wasn’t great, but it was a fun outing with our favorite people.

Today. My kids decided my outfit was cute today. So I snapped a picture of it.

Okay, that’s enough goofing off for now. Gotta go find something fun to do while teaching how to complete the square.