Eating Cookie Crisp cereal. Every single day. I have never been a huge cereal person, and now I am making trips to the store to load up on three boxes of Cookie Crisp each week.

Visiting the doctor! Everything’s looking good so far!

Attending a Knot wedding function at a new venue in Liberty Station. 

His and her drinks at the Knot party. It was not the same without the vodka.

Rearranging the house to make room for baby. We’re trying to get as much done as possible in the early weeks of summer so we can really settle it by the end of it when I go back to work. The biggest step is moving the office from its current room (which will be the nursery) to the dining room. Chris found a desk he loved and we set it up this weekend. Now we’re ready to slowly migrate all the tech and supplies into the space.

Receiving the cutest gifts! This package of adorableness came from Chris’ cousin Emily, and I can’t wait to get everything out of the nursery closet so I can start hanging things up!

Cuddling the cats while working on the laptop. Jack desperately wants to sit on my stomach, but he weighs like 18 pounds, so no. He finally gave up that quest and just rested a paw on it.
Not pictured:
Sewing up a storm! Since Chris is taking over the dining room, we had to move the dining table into the middle of the living room until it gets sold. Enter my new sewing table! About a month ago I bought a ton of flannel at Joanns while it was on sale for $2.30 a yard (score!) and I’ve been busy perfecting my cloth diaper making skills. And by perfecting, I do mean that they will be perfect for our baby to pee on. 😉