Hey there! I’m Jordyn. Wife to Chris, mama to Link. (By the way, check out that toddler drool in the pic above–we were bribing him to smile with doughnuts.) By day I teach 8th grade math, by night I pick Tiny Tonkas out of the downstairs carpet. Some weekends I shoot weddings with my husband, and almost all nights I’m sitting at my computer bouncing back and forth between creating middle school math curriculum, writing Christian fiction novels, and researching keto recipes that look like something I could actually cook.

This blog mostly exists because I want to look back someday on the moments that made up my life. Once upon a time I was an avid journaler, with real paper and pen, but unfortunately life does not leave much time to handwrite anymore. And it’s way more work to attach photos to the stories that way. Enter blogs.

So if you like seeing scrapbook pages, reading funny anecdotes about 8th graders, or if you’re just here for the Link Show (let’s face it, that’s why most of you are here), welcome aboard!