(Because coherent paragraphs are not my thing right now.)

I finish student teaching in 5 days. Thank goodness.

A few of my Algebra students bet me cookies that they can finish all their homework assignments by next Monday, the last day of class. And this was their idea. They chose cookies to bet because I always use cookies in my examples of math concepts. (If you have two cookies, how many do I have to take away from you so you don’t have any?)

The teacher I work with had her baby today, and he is adorable so far. The sub just started yesterday and so far it’s going great, so that’s a relief. Testing is over and I got all my kids in while it was just me handling things- also a relief.

Favorite thing that happened to me today: I came home and went to take a nap, and Chris, who’s on a mini vacation right now and has been home all day himself, came in, laid down with his head on my stomach and watched How I Met Your Mother with me. Love him, and love quality time like that.

Chris got me a MacBook Pro last week. Love it.

We did three photo shoots this weekend. Yep, three. All family shoots, with emphasis on newborns for two of them. It was a lot of fun, especially for me, cuz I just love those cuddly newborns! People keep thinking hiring us to take pictures of their screaming month olds will deter me from wanting kids, but it just makes me want it more! (Poor Chris.)