Sometimes when I go into Lincoln’s room at night, I just stare at him. I mean, he is an actual live baby that is mine. That is crazy. I voice this to Chris frequently, and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. Of course he’s ours. We wanted him, and now he’s here, forever part of our lives.

I have always been one to stop abruptly and really consider what my life looks like. I think for the first five years of our marriage, I would suddenly pause and turn to Chris and say, “What the heck. We’re married.” And he’d think I was crazy, but that’s just because he isn’t quite the reflector of life that I am. 
But seriously, we’re married. For going on seven years now. How did that even happen? 
How is it that I woke up one day in a house that we bought? How am I finishing up my fourth year teaching at a wonderful school with amazing staff and kids? How did we stumble into a photography business that led to Chris working from home full time, so that when we did have kids, one of us was able to be with them all day?
And seriously, how did we become parents to this incredible four and a half month old?

I love that squishy face.
In other news, we’ve started letting Lincoln gnaw on veggies when we make them. So far he is not a fan of bell peppers, but he loved slobbering all over a green bean the other night.