We’ve made it to the third trimester! Lately Baby Boy’s kicks have been getting more powerful and more spread out. I feel him under my ribs a lot on the right side, and a couple days ago I could feel him tapping way out to the side. Makes me wonder how exactly he’s positioned in there to get such a far reach. I asked my doctor at our appointment this week if she could tell, but he’s still too small to pinpoint. We’re at the point where we go in for checkups every two week; Baby T manages to be spot on in growth at every appointment, despite the fact that I’m still not very hungry most of the time.

In other news, teacher training started up this week so summer is officially over. It’s back to actually knowing what day of the week it is for me, and looking forward to weekends again! I tried to finish up my last few sewing projects beforehand, but I’ve still got a few left to do. I did manage to finish the baby blanket though!



Please disregard my hair above; I think I had just pulled it out of a bun I’d slept on.

If I have time (HA, remember I said school’s started?) I’ll post my methodology for this fast, easy blanket that even I was able to pull off. Did I mention this is my first ever blanket? I seriously made this thing from scraps I was trying to use up and a tutorial I found online to do the binding. It was a lot simpler than I would have imagined, but it’s by no means perfect. I don’t think I could have handled the process if my expectation had been perfection. I was more shooting for… doesn’t fall apart in the washer. 🙂