Holy moly, we’re just a month away from hitting the third trimester!

It’s starting to get really real around here. In these last couple weeks, Baby T has really upped his squirming game. I can feel him most at night right when I lay down in bed. Nothing painful yet, just the weird feeling of a teeny baby doing somersaults underneath my skin.

Even more exciting, we just started seeing him move as well. When I was 16 weeks, I saw a Youtube video of another 16 week-er who had filmed her baby’s movement. So for about a week I poked my stomach and watched intently right before bed, but nothing ever happened. I’d kind of given up looking. Then, while I was taking a bath the other day, I felt him start tumbling and happened to glance down and boom! There was that little kick pushing underneath the skin. And then another right after. I saw him move five times in total in about ten minutes. Makes me wonder how long I could’ve seen it had I been watching for it in the last few weeks.

Chris saw it happen, though faintly, later that night when we were shining a light on him trying to get him to move. Baby T does things on his own terms, though, and doesn’t like to perform when asked. I did get lucky and caught the movement on video the next morning when I woke up to him doing laps.

In the meantime, we’re getting lots of stuff done around the house this summer. It’s so nice being off from work, and with Chris working at home we can schedule any projects or errands we need to pretty easily. Our goal has been to do a full house purge before officially starting the nursery. Months ago we made a list of furniture we needed to get rid of (bedroom chair, TV stand and old school TV that used to be in our room, bookcase in our office), things we needed to downsize (kitchen table and our giant office desk), and things we needed to do (move wifi from office/soon-to-be-nursery to living room, clean out attic and garage, set up Chris’ new office in the dining room, and my new “office” in the bedroom). And crazily enough, we are almost at the end of our list. We cleaned out the attic last week, and filled about six boxes of stuff to get rid of; yesterday we did the garage and emptied out most of our cabinet drawers down there. Note to anyone needing to clean out their house of stuff they’ve been hanging on to “just in case”: just wait till you’re six months pregnant. It’ll turn you ruthless with what really needs to stay and what can easily go. And it feels so good to get rid of unnecessary things.

I still need to go through some stuff in the office, and my goal is to use up a lot of my scrapbooking stuff so I have little to store. That’s actually my plan for today, while Chris goes on a man date with Ryan. 🙂