It’s that time of year where my family starts emailing each other, asking if everyone’s wishlists are updated. In our extended family, it’s holiday and a big birthday season, so everyone’s eager to figure out what the others are currently into.

Every year I can never think of anything I’m actually wanting. I usually just put things on my list that I typically have to buy for myself routinely: New makeup brushes. The fancy shampoo I only buy once in awhile. I also usually throw in cute outfits I want to get for my kids. These are the things I would be spending money on for myself.

Usually, my mother-in-law is not impressed with my list and ends up going to my husband for ideas for things that are more “gift worthy” and less “stocking stuffer.” What can I say, I’m just not very high maintenance—at least not in the gift-receiving part of life.

Over the years, though, there are some really cool gifts I’ve received that I never even knew I would love until I got them and started using them daily. So, to prep for this holiday season, and as I try to put together my own wish list/begin putting together shopping lists for family and friends, here’s some fun gift ideas you might consider for the moms in your life this year.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This thing lives right next to my desk chair. I use it pretty much every day, especially when I’m sitting at my computer for a long period of time. It sits between your neck/shoulders/back/waist and the back of your chair and does an amazing job getting the knots out and relaxing those muscles. It has a heat feature as well, which feels so good when it’s colder. I’ve had mine for about four years now and it runs great still, even with the constant use. When it does eventually stop working, I’ll be ordering another one immediately.

 J-Tech Vertical Mouse

Okay, I know this one looks weird, but stick with me here. I’ve had this mouse for over two years now, and my husband still rolls his eyes every time he looks at it, but this thing was my life saver back in 2020 when the pandemic hit and I was teaching from my computer all day long. My wrist got completely messed up from the constant mouse, to the point I  couldn’t even grasp the mouse without constant pain. With a little research, I learned that the typical computer mouse if terrible for our wrists, due to the unnatural way our arms and wrists lie when we use them. This ergonomic mouse keeps your whole arm aligned the correct way as you grasp it, eliminating all the pain. This was a game changer for me, and I’ll never go back to a regular mouse after that experience. I was a little leery when I ordered it, because many commenters said it took them awhile to get used to the new grasp, but I was surprised how easy it was to adapt. If you’ve got any wrist pain from computer use, I can’t recommend this mouse enough. 

 Pleated Button Skirt

One of my favorite skirts right here. It’s got pockets, and it’s not see through, which is basically everything I want in a skirt. (Well, attached shorts underneath would have been nice too, but we can’t have everything.) It’s a perfect skirt to wear with a nice tucked-in shirt to make a flattering overall look. I have the navy one and wear it at least once a week, but I’m planning on putting the mustard yellow and the dark green ones on my wish list this year for some more versatility.

Floral Maxi Skirt

My other favorite skirt. Sadly, this one doesn’t have pockets, but it checks all the other boxes. It’s got a nice, stretchy elastic waist (you can easily size down with this skirt) and it’s not at all see-through. Like the pleated skirt above, it looks great with a tucked in shirt and can be dressed up or down. I have the floral one called Floral 11,  and I’m trying to decide which of the other floral patterns I like best for a second skirt. It’s a tough call since they’re all so cute!

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