Palm Springs

We are living it up in Palm Springs this weekend. Got to Redlands last night and stayed with Kris and Becky overnight since the T family had taken over all the rooms at Chris’ parent’s house and spilled over to a local hotel. Casa de Cowen was exceptional, the bed was perfect and cozy, and Kris even set up a […]

Short and sweet

Busy weekend.Capstone project in progress. (Two more weeks!)Lesson plan demo is taking up my entire weekend. (Hard to make a perfect lesson plan when you’ve never seen the classroom, kids, or curriculum.)Saw the Tony’s finally. (Bright spot of my night.)1:09 am: Should be asleep. Still thinking of lesson demo. (Taking over my entire weekend. Even sleep hours.) Sigh. Next weekend […]

Fun with apps

Did you know there’s a gif app? So easy, too! Here’s a gif of my lovely husband shooting at our LA County Museum of Art trip over Memorial weekend. Wish I had more time to update about life and projects, and about the fact that my first group of students graduated today (I’ve had them since they were little tenth […]