Can’t say no to that face.

I had great aspirations today when I got home from work to get so. much. done. Instead, I had two very needy kittens who took turns insisting I use one of my arms to hold them. Usually the right one. Which has my mouse hand.

Going to try to let them sleep in our room all night tonight. We’ll see how it goes. Cold, wet noses in the middle of the night are not pleasant, and if you know Jack at all, he does not take ‘no cuddling right now’ for an answer. When he says it’s cuddle time, it’s cuddle time.

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      awww! My cat does that too, but prefers my husband at night so luckily I get peaceful sleep 🙂

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      I love that Jack has his own blog label. And I also imagined that Jack went all Flight of the Conchords and starting singing “It's Cuddle Time” (like “It's Business Time”), and he's just waiting for you to put your cuddle socks on.

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      For the record, they ended up getting kicked out of our room that night before we even went to bed. They were crazy! But they got there shot the next night, and despite Jack's insistence on waking up for face time a couple times, I didn't kick them out until morning. They were up early wanting to play chase, and we were wanting to sleep after shooting a wedding all the day before, so out they went. 🙂

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