Chris’ parents are down from Yucaipa to be with us this weekend. I’ve been waiting for weeks for them to arrive. Mostly because I love it when someone else is around to hold Lincoln for awhile, so Chris and I can get some stuff done. We love that little guy, but during the day, he demands attention and cuddles and entertainment. You know how newborns are supposed to sleep so much? Yeah, not really with this one. He’ll only fall asleep for a good nap if you’re right there with him, either holding him or curled up next to him so that he can cuddle on up. I’ll admit, his cuddling is really sweet. He’ll grunt and kick to give himself the momentum to slide over a couple of inches to be arm to arm, then lay a hand on my arm. The unsweet part is that I usually end up falling asleep with him, so while a good nap is had by all, the things… they do not get done.

So Chris’ parents being here has me so excited to do all the things! I just got back from grocery shopping for the week, and it only took an hour and a half this time, plus I had plenty of room in the cart for the actual groceries. (When Link’s with me, he takes up about 80% of the cart.) Chris and I are about to head off to an engagement shoot at Balboa Park, sans baby. This will be my first shoot back from “maternity leave” from the photography business. My last shoot was in September (and at almost 9 months pregnant, it pretty much finished me off), so it’s definitely been awhile. Lincoln gets to stay and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa T., which he is very pleased about. Who better to snuggle you all day long then the grandparents?

Last night after Lincoln went down I was able to get through some Project Life 2015 pages as well. My goal is to finish last year before I head back to my teaching job (in two weeks), but man, it is not looking good for me. My perfectionism is really killing my productivity these days, even when I go into the project thinking, “Just do the bare minimum! Get it done!”

In light of this, I’ve decided that 2016’s album is going to be purely digital. It’s going to save me a ton of time, not only with getting photos and cards printed, but with my crazy indecisiveness. It’s much easier to commit to a color scheme/card/title on the computer, where I know it can be changed any ol’ time I feel like it, than it is to commit in print, wait to go pick up said prints, and spend time putting it together at home. Not to mention how much easier it is to pick up a project when everything’s digital and all I have to do is sit at my computer, instead of pulling out boxes and albums and leafing through for perfect cards, yada yada.

Here’s this year’s title page. I’m not generally a pink person, but I’m really loving it with all these black stripes.

Supplies are from Project Life and Paisley Press’ All the Stripes frames.