Not for me, though! I’m staying 27 for awhile. But Chris hit the 2-8 mark a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated with a impromptu surprise party (thanks Ry and Jesse for making it over for impromptu red velvet cake!), Chris’ favorite beer (which I had to hide behind Costco-sized bags of spinach and carrots in the fridge), Mexican-style appetizers, and fun conversation. Good times. The next day we went to Redlands to celebrate Chris’ birthday, as well as his dad’s and grandpa’s, which are all within two weeks of each other. I won’t promise those pictures will be up anytime soon (I’ve learned my lesson with picture promises), but hopefully over the upcoming Thanksgiving break I’ll have some free time to sort and organize and upload some photos.

Happy birthday, babe! I love your 28-year-old hotness!