In May I got to be a guest designer for Paislee Press. Paislee Press is run by my absolute favorite scrapbook designer, Liz Tamanaha, so I was pretty thrilled to get to play with all the brand new products, as well as some of the old goodies.

I took the opportunity to try to finish up some of my 2015 album. Because let’s face it, once Lincoln arrived, there was no way I was finishing that album on time.

The first layout documents life at our house about a month after Lincoln was born. We did a lot of lounging bed apparently. These were the good ol’ days, when we could bring Lincoln to bed with us and he would stay put. I miss having him sleep between us!

I went further back and did a spread of some of Lincoln’s birth pictures. The whole story is definitely not recorded on this page, but the very abridged and wholesome version is here!

I also wanted to add a few new spreads to Lincoln’s baby book. For his book, I’m using one of the new 6×8 Project Life albums. It doesn’t feel quite as daunting as filling a full size book and I’m loving the smallness of it. It fits really well on my shelf. Anyway, I had planned to do three spreads showing his typical routine, morning, noon, and evening, but I ran out of time (May was crazy busy) and focused just on the morning. I’m sure I’ll go back sometime this summer and finish up those other pages, since they’re about halfway done.

And that was that! Super fun seeing how the whole design team thing works and being part of the behind-the-scenes of it all!