Here’s a secret: I’m trying to eat healthier, but I fail a lot.
I feel like I eat okay for the most part. I don’t go through the drive-thru everyday for a cheeseburger and fries, but I do go through quite often for that 69 cent coke. I eat lots of different fruits and veggies in my green smoothies, but past that I find it difficult to incorporate them into the rest of my day. I’m an emotional eater, I’ve discovered. I like to snack when I’m working on projects, and my life is one big project right now. My favorite comfort food is canned chili, 600 calories a pop. I could go on, but now I’m getting depressed.
The point is, when I do spend some time making something healthy, I’m pretty proud of it. And I take pictures of it. (Okay, I’ll take pictures of anything, regardless, but I do like to document my good food choices.) 
There’s a sandwich recipe that I pinned a few weeks back that I’ve been eager to try, only four ingredients, but it seems I’m almost one short. Spinach, avocado, pesto, and mozarella. We never have mozarella, and I may be new to cooking, but I know enough now that you can’t just substitute cheeses whenever you feel like it. So I adapted a little: I took the spinach, avocado, and pesto and made a sandwich with some leftover shredded chicken. 
That would have been the end of this little experimental meal, but while the bread was toasting, I was clearing out the fridge of older food and realized my day old mustard greens were already wilting. Day old! Sheesh. So I looked up a quick recipe for cooking those babies up, too.
Now, I’ve never been a big fan of cooked greens (neither has Chris), but I figure I need to learn to like it to continue my healthfulness and get my greens more often in the day than just smoothie time. I was surprised how easy the recipe was, and the greens really weren’t that bad cooked. (We both agreed on this.) However, mustard greens are pretty distinct tasting, so I don’t think I’ll be cooking those ones again. They’re fine in smoothies (as long as you really counteract the bitter taste with a lot of fruit), but it was a little too much as its own side dish. Looks pretty though, doesn’t it? Such a lovely green lunch. 🙂

And of course Jack’s there too, taking advantage of me not watching that side of the kitchen. My focus on the fridge clearing and bread toasting apparently gave him time to sneak up and camp out to watch the countertop happenings from his favorite vantage point. He most definitely got squirted in the face after this picture was snapped.